Oracle seems determined to solve the problem that a number of businesses have to grapple with when it comes to storage on Cloud service. It will be a relief for many of those businesses to know that Oracle returns on premise for Exadata as a service.

With this computer service edmonton customers can enjoy Cloud storage service even when they deploy a dedicated database to the servers. It promises to spare customers the rigorous configuration process when installing database software and Cloud reveal that they are introducing the Exadata service to create a revolution in the way cloud databases are used.

“It is designed to address a known problem end users have been facing with the Cloud. We have integrated reliable technology that supports a number of critical solutions over a varied range of industries.” A statement from Oracle said.

A number of industries stand to benefit from this service including critical industries like healthcare, banking, telecom as well as mid-size companies.

One of the major concerns many small and midsize companies had about the service is the price. Well it may seem too good to be true but the service is intended to be affordable for just about any business with a convenient monthly subscription. Oracle is making the effort to present a service that can be used by everyone that needs Cloud service in their business.

Some IT reviews are describing the Exadata service from Oracle as being the highest performing platform available for running Oracle database and it is cost effective as well.

An intent examination of this service from Oracle will reveal that it is instantly scalable, has low opex and nocapex as well as rapid timeto-value.

It is impossible for Oracle to ignore the premise customers even if the Company is endeavoring to focus more on Cloud service provision. Premise customers make up a significant number of its clientele.

With recent financial figures indicating a decline in revenue from premise software, this innovation is timely and may be what the company needs to get back to profits from this demographic. Experts say it is addressing a problem and bridging a gap so that will make customers demand for it.

Tim Shelter, one of the leaders of the Product Management, says Oracle added 3D NAND technology from Samsung which adds a bout of advanced performance to the product. “With 3D NAND technology, we will be able to increase capacity using higher density that will improve the tiering” Shelter said. He adds that compression will be done in the storage tier.

This service from Oracle will change the way customers look at storage. It is going to allay fears of customers who really want storage service but have been worried about security as well as costs involved and the entire setup process.

This is definitely not the last innovation we will be seeing from Oracle. The news that oracle returns with premise for Exadata as a service is just the beginning of innovation from the company. Industry insiders say a hybrid system of this is already in the works and may be out this year as well.