philadelphia pa medical malpractice attorneysThey say a good lawyer is worth much more than his weight in gold.  That statement cannot be truer in the case of Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer. They are an intrepid lot who normally choose the battles (malpractice lawsuits) they fight, but do not retreat once the battle has started.  And they earn their keep – and don’t get paid if they don’t win.  It is the best way to encourage a lawyer to give their best efforts to win.

Most people have this false impression that Philadelphia PA medical malpractice lawyer  makes easy money.  This is especially true whenever we read of medical malpractice cases that lead to compensation valued in the tens or even hundred millions.  Many people do not realize the time, money and effort that have been invested to obtain that win.  That is even without having to mention that the lawyers have gambled their investment towards winning the case in payment they may only collect on contingent basis.  Unlike other members of the American Bar Association, even the philadelphia medical malpractice attorney only earns if he wins.

It takes a lot of nerve to work sometimes hundreds of hours without clear assurance the lawyer will get remuneration for it.  It takes courage and supreme confidence in one’s legal skills and the merits of the case to advance money to be used to further malpractice suits that may take months or years to resolve.  And even if they win, they need to be awarded enough money to cover their expenses – which again is not assured.

Just assessing whether the complaint has the potential to win a favourable decision is already full of complications.  Not only does the malpractice attorney Philadelphia have to study the details of the case, he has to ensure that the aggrieved party, his prospective client, will be perceived as credible.  He has to get a background and track record check done on the medical professional to see if there is anything that might strengthen the complaint.

The services provided by Philadelphia PA medical malpractice attorneys in are good value for money.  You just have to find a way to convince them your complaint merits their valuable time.