REVEALED: How Can A Managed Service Provider (MSP) Master The Proposal Process?

Many big companies are embracing the services of Managed Service Providers. It helps them to reduce costs.In addition, MSP have experts and therefore give high quality service. This has seen some firms eliminate their IT staff while others have adjusted their roles to focus on strategic projects. The rest of IT service is provided by MSP.

Today, there are many Managed Service Providers looking for opportunities to sign deals with companies so that they can provide them with their professional IT services. However, securing a deal is not a walk in the park. MSP marketing plan need to master the proposal process for them to be successful. Here are expert approved tips that can help a managed service provider (MSP) master the proposal process.


Properly Organize Proposal For An Executive

You should know that your proposal will be read by a company executive. You should therefore organize it properly to ensure that it matches executive status and needs. Remember that any company executive is concerned with the bottom line. Therefore in your proposal, indicate clearly the services that you offer as a managed service provider (MSP). Be precise with your details and stop beating around the bush. Explain clearly the benefits of your service and how it will help your client organization reduce on costs while increasing productivity. Put in mind that companies go for MSP to reduce their IT expenses. This should be well elaborated in your proposal.

Know The Approval Process of The Client

Different clients have different approval process. For your proposal to go through, you need to do research so that you can understand the things that the client looks for before approving the proposal as well as the process involved. This will help you to identify and correct any weakness so that your proposal can be successful.

Offer Reliable Service

Companies enter into contract with MSPs because they want reliable service. You should therefore make sure that your proposal clearly demonstrates how reliable your IT services are to build trust in your client. This is a very important tip in mastering proposal process. Your should show that you offer low risk service which can add value to your client’s organization.

Agree On Price

It is always important that you discuss and agree on price with your client. The agreement should be in written and signed by both parties. This is very important because it can be used as evidence in court of law if either party breaches the agreement. Discussing pricing also enables you to agree on a price you are comfortable with so that you do not appear as if you are offering free service.

Understand Client’s Objectives

For you to write a good proposal, you need to understand the objectives of your client. The idea here is to ensure that your objectives match those of your clients so that you can excellently meet their IT needs. It also helps to prevent a situation where your proposal is irrelevant to the business needs of your clients.

Parting Shot

In conclusion, the above tips will enable you as a managed service provider (MSP) master the proposal process so that you can secure a deal with your company of choice. Simply apply them.You will thank yourself later.