Through the years of operation we have been delivering great content for the 100 thousand and counting followers of the news platform, we have never had a phase when feedback had as tight a grip as it does currently. Not only does it fulfil the entire content gathering process through confirming the engaging quality of the articles we write, it also proves that our main focus is being achieved; to get technology enthusiasts talking.

Our contact box has been the portal through which article submissions have been made, a special feature that all our contributing bloggers love and have probably used a lot more than any of the rest of the platform’s features. Send in your piece ideas and we will get in touch with you in a flash to discuss them in detail.

Some users have been instrumental in keeping us in tip top shape, through reporting any of the features and buttons or links that would have been put up but not fully functional. Your help is greatly appreciated, we can’t wait to hear from you.