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How You Can Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration

Finally, you have decided to migrate to Office 365. This is great news to you and your colleagues since you are going to gain access to a variety of cutting-edge features which will offer your organization and employees a set of new opportunities. There are many beneficial reasons why many organizations are choosing to migrate to Office 365. For some, it is cheaper than the traditional licensing while others find the ability to access applications from any computer or device connected to the internet tremendously expedient.

However, before you start enjoying the benefits of Office 365 you will have to do the actual migration. This won’t be an easy task; moving an entire database, including software to Office 365 is an enormous undertaking and there are many Office 365 migration pitfalls.

But don’t worry! Office 365 migration should not intimidate you. Just see the migration as a chance to improve and streamline your existing systems. Here are some major pitfalls to avoid when migration to office 365 as suggested by EntranceConsulting Office 365 Migration services.


Leaving IT to do all the work

Many companies perceive a migration to be a technical undertaking and they expect the IT team to develop the migration plan, implement it and then ensure that everything runs perfectly in the new environment. But migrating to Office 365 is a major activity which should involve representatives from different departments right from the beginning.

Minimize the disruption of the current practices.

Watch out if the migration is going to affect or slowdown the employee performance. It is important to make sure the migration goes smoothly the first time. It will be hard to save the migration if rumors about the migration’s disadvantages start spreading. Employees’ doubts will diminish if the migration goes efficiently.

Lack of reasons for migrating

You should have specific organizational goals for migrating to office 365. The variety of office 365 tools are very appealing but may not be needed by your company. You should make sure you have studied and analyzed the Office 365 tools and determine whether you need it and if you migrate whether it will cover you needs.

Failing to train your employees

Migrating to Office 365 is usually a very big leap from your existing operating environment. This is because it works differently, its interface has been altered and its features are completely new. You should therefore provide adequate training to your employees and make sure they are conversant with the locations where their data and files are stored. Once the employees understand how to use it, you should then concentrate on training them how to use all the new tools and features at their disposal or you won’t get considerable return on investment on your migration.

Failing to set enough time aside

Migrations to Office 365 are not as smooth as you would expect them to be. This is because there is a possibility to encounter unexpected variables that you will be expected to justify. Due to possible interruptions and holdups experienced during the migration process, it is advisable for you to set aside adequate time.

Not imposing a limit for the previous system

Sometimes companies will allow their employees to continue using the previous systems after they have even migrated to Office 365. This can only be allowed up to some point. If employees continue using both systems to store document, no system will ever be up-to-date this will somehow undermine the whole migration.

Failing to develop a post-migration plan

This is where many companies have failed and you are prone to fail if you fail to develop the plan too. You will be surprised to know that your work is not over after you have migrated to Office 365. Once you have migrated, you will need to develop new admin plans, auditing, archiving and monitoring strategies.

HDCVI – The Low Cost HD Security Camera Solution

sThere are a wide variety of security cameras available for commercial security systems in Mississauga. From network IP cameras, to dome cameras, to analog one, there are quite a few options to consider, each with its own benefits, cost and limitations. However, HDCVI stands or High-Definition Composite Video Interface, is a new technology that might revolutionize the market, and set a new benchmark for low cost HD camera solution for businesses.
When it is your turn to pick a camera for your own security solutions, you want the one that offers the best quality at the most reasonable price, and HDCVI technology can offer both.
To know more on the topic, and the benefits and secrets of HDCVI cameras, check out the following article:

HDCVI – The Low Cost HD Security Camera Secret

The very first CCTV system was installed by Siemens AG at Test Stand VII in Peenemünde, Germany in 1942. The system was designed for observing the launch of V-2 rockets and noted German engineer Walter Burch, along with Wayne Cox and Tashara Arnold, were responsible for the technological design and installation of the system.
The first commercial closed-circuit television system available in the United States came about in 1949 under the name Vericon.

There is very little known about Vericon aside from the fact that it was advertised as not requiring a government permit.
Flash forward 20 years to September 1968 when Olean, New York became the first city in the U.S. to install video cameras along its main business street in an effort to fight crime.

Times Square in New York City saw the installation of security cameras in 1973 to deter crime in that area as well. It wasn’t until the 1980s that video surveillance began to see wide adaptation, specifically in public areas.

Since then security camera technology has grown exponentially. There are a lot of different kinds of security cameras, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Bullet cameras are a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted unit that is designed for indoor use primarily, but can be outfitted for outdoor use. Bullet cameras are also designed to have a fixed position and not allow for Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) functionality.

Dome cameras are, as the name implies, dome-shaped and designed to be unobtrusive, not covert or hidden. Dome cameras are usually used in retail, gas stations, and other similar applications.

These cameras are also designed to let the would-be criminals know that the area is under surveillance. Patrons will feel safer knowing that the facility is under protection. These cameras have the ability to spin quickly within the housing and are sometimes known as “speed domes”. PTZ functionality is common on dome cameras.

Network/IP cameras can be both hardwired and wireless and transmit images via the internet. These cameras also compress the bandwidth so the internet is not overwhelmed. IP cameras are much easier to install than analog cameras because they don’t require a separate cable run or power boost in order to transmit images over long distances.
Ultra high-definition cameras are typically used in niche markets, like casinos. These allow pit bosses and other casino security officials to zoom in with extreme clarity. Over the years, these cameras were tube-based analog cameras though today’s technology has displaced those older units. In addition to that, these cameras can also transmit images via HDcctv.

What is The IT Service Needed to Support The Services

Mtextbox provide a consultancy and partnership focused approach aimed at managing an organization’s IT infrastructure. Any firm needs a responsive and flexible IT support plan that can meet all their needs as they emerge. This means a 24/7 availability so as to ensure a robust support system and continuity of business even when an emergency strikes. It is more profitable to get yourself a single partner for your entire IT needs and not a vendor for each need. The reliable IT services company Baltimore that any IT firm requires have been outlined below:

it services company baltimore

IT support services – Onsite support, network management & audit, middleware as well as DB administration, RIM services, helpdesk management, datacenter management.

Product support services – Computing support for end users, multiple vendor support, partner support, upgrades, datacenter support as well as software support.
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Top IT Consulting Firm Unveils A New Plan To Improve Service Delivery

A top IT consulting firm has unveiled a new plan that will improve service delivery. The plan will benefit many clients who rely on its IT consulting in toronto. This announcement comes after a long period of research on new ways of improving IT advisory services. The move is expected to enable numerous organizations achieve their business objectives following the exceptional IT advice they will receive from the IT consulting firm.

According to the company executive, many corporations have installed IT systems but some of them are not able to fully achieve their objectives. They fail to make maximum use of their IT system despite spending a large amount of money to buy and install. This situation has discouraged many corporations from investing lastest IT systems that would have improved business productivity. It is therefore against this background that the IT consulting firm has decided to unveil a plan that will enable clients make maximum use of Information Technology.


The new plan will involve carrying out research about various operations in an organization. This will enable IT consultants to determine the best IT tools and softwares that can perfectly suit the needs of the company. The consulting firm will now be able to give excellet advice to clients so that they can install the right IT systems for maximum results.

The plan will also involve analysing the current IT system within the corporation. They will look at areas that need to be improved and advise accordingly. With improved IT, operations of the organization will be enhanced.

The plan will also include advising clients on the best IT service providers. This will prevent them from becoming victims of low quality services provided by some firms. The firm has been in operation for many years. It therefore knows the best IT specialists that should be chosen for IT outsourcing.

In addition, this fantastic plan involves advising clients on things to avoid so as to prevent damage to IT systems. Such include exposing storage devices to risk of damage, allowing unrestricted access to information, poor installation of servers and many more. This will help to ensure that everything is functioning properly thus minimising on repair and replacememt costs.

The company will also create a platform on its site where clients can freely express their issues so that they can be attended to.

On top of that, a 24/7 communication system shall be put in place to make sure that customers can reach the consulting firm for advice any time they want. This will make it possible to attend to the needs of a large number of corporations.

Besides, the plan will also involve advising clients on why they should continue to use IT consulting services. This will boost their confidence in the firm especially when they realize that their business objectives are being met following the advice received from IT consulting firm.

The new plan is expected to bring a great change in the field of IT consulting. Other consulting firms are expected to follow suit so that they are not left behind. Watch this pace.

How Can A Managed Service Provider (MSP) Master The Proposal Process?

REVEALED: How Can A Managed Service Provider (MSP) Master The Proposal Process?

Many big companies are embracing the services of Managed Service Providers. It helps them to reduce costs.In addition, MSP have experts and therefore give high quality service. This has seen some firms eliminate their IT staff while others have adjusted their roles to focus on strategic projects. The rest of IT service is provided by MSP.

Today, there are many Managed Service Providers looking for opportunities to sign deals with companies so that they can provide them with their professional IT services. However, securing a deal is not a walk in the park. MSP marketing plan need to master the proposal process for them to be successful. Here are expert approved tips that can help a managed service provider (MSP) master the proposal process.


Properly Organize Proposal For An Executive

You should know that your proposal will be read by a company executive. You should therefore organize it properly to ensure that it matches executive status and needs. Remember that any company executive is concerned with the bottom line. Therefore in your proposal, indicate clearly the services that you offer as a managed service provider (MSP). Be precise with your details and stop beating around the bush. Explain clearly the benefits of your service and how it will help your client organization reduce on costs while increasing productivity. Put in mind that companies go for MSP to reduce their IT expenses. This should be well elaborated in your proposal.

Know The Approval Process of The Client

Different clients have different approval process. For your proposal to go through, you need to do research so that you can understand the things that the client looks for before approving the proposal as well as the process involved. This will help you to identify and correct any weakness so that your proposal can be successful.

Offer Reliable Service

Companies enter into contract with MSPs because they want reliable service. You should therefore make sure that your proposal clearly demonstrates how reliable your IT services are to build trust in your client. This is a very important tip in mastering proposal process. Your should show that you offer low risk service which can add value to your client’s organization.

Agree On Price

It is always important that you discuss and agree on price with your client. The agreement should be in written and signed by both parties. This is very important because it can be used as evidence in court of law if either party breaches the agreement. Discussing pricing also enables you to agree on a price you are comfortable with so that you do not appear as if you are offering free service.

Understand Client’s Objectives

For you to write a good proposal, you need to understand the objectives of your client. The idea here is to ensure that your objectives match those of your clients so that you can excellently meet their IT needs. It also helps to prevent a situation where your proposal is irrelevant to the business needs of your clients.

Parting Shot

In conclusion, the above tips will enable you as a managed service provider (MSP) master the proposal process so that you can secure a deal with your company of choice. Simply apply them.You will thank yourself later.

The Best Management Consulting Firms to Work

Are you searching your place under the sun? Welcome to our rating of the best management consulting companies worldwide. If you dream about catching a big fish, you can choose among the best vacancies for your brilliant future.

Each year, the website publishes the ranking of the philadelphia IT consulting firms, better known as the Vault Consulting 50. The consultants are asked to evaluate their own and competing firms on the parameters such as prestige, culture, as well as the balance between work and personal life. From year to year the place can be distributed in different ways, but in the top of the list everything is relatively stable.


In addition to the quantitative indicators, there are some common things that distinguish the elite company of the rest of the mass. Smaller companies can take them on a note to increase their credibility and expand clientele.

Note: After the publication in 2014 the rating, the company Booz & Company was acquired by PWC and is now doing business under the name of Strategy &.

In this article, we present the things that make the companies mentioned above the outstanding employers to work for.

Recruitment and talent

Elite company attracts top-notch candidates to the staff. For example, the graduates of top MBA programs are considered the best candidates for these jobs. Some prestigious consulting companies, in fact, are taken almost exclusively by professionals of the top 25 MBA programs of the World.

However, not all workers come from the business area: the best consulting companies hire university graduates and people with a scientific degree from other areas, including psychology, engineering and law. It is obvious that the involvement of the best professionals allows these firms to remain at the highest level and brilliantly execute their projects.


Top consulting companies take much charge for their services, and thus can assign their employees higher wages. Solid top-level firms can afford to pay workers a little less than the others: they know that the prestige of the work for employees is greater than the amount of salary. Less prestigious firms are trying to pay their consultants more than the elite companies, so as to attract talented staff to him.

Most consultants in such companies receive additional bonuses, including the expansion of health services package, career counseling and further education. Such permanent bonuses underscore how the company values ​​its employees in the framework of business projects and beyond.

Training and development

Consulting firms realize that the consultants are the most important resource. In the process of interviewing, new employees are identified with their strengths and weaknesses, but companies do not want to stop there and arrange serious training to consultants to develop the talents and skills.


The most prestigious companies aren’t limited to the cooperation with clients. In addition to customers’ projects, they carry out research on various topics. The impressive volume and excellent in quality, these studies are designed to not only raise the level of competence of the readers, but also to expand its customer base.

In some firms, intellectual leadership takes a central place. Consultants provide targeted research group – for example, «McKinsey’s Global Institute» or «McKinsey Quarterly».

In many companies, to get a promotion, consultants should contribute to the intellectual capital of the firm at the highest level of management processes. This creates an environment where constant is introduced and updated information in large consulting firms.

Customer Service

Top management consulting companies have earned the confidence and prestige, and therefore have the advantage in the selection of “their” customers. Elite companies are valued so high that they have the right to refuse to work with clients who are unprofitable, non-core, or not conducive to the development of the brand. Many of these companies have loyal customers, with whom they interact for many years.

Oracle Returns on Premise for Exadata as a Service

Oracle seems determined to solve the problem that a number of businesses have to grapple with when it comes to storage on Cloud service. It will be a relief for many of those businesses to know that Oracle returns on premise for Exadata as a service.

With this computer service edmonton customers can enjoy Cloud storage service even when they deploy a dedicated database to the servers. It promises to spare customers the rigorous configuration process when installing database software and Cloud reveal that they are introducing the Exadata service to create a revolution in the way cloud databases are used.

“It is designed to address a known problem end users have been facing with the Cloud. We have integrated reliable technology that supports a number of critical solutions over a varied range of industries.” A statement from Oracle said.

A number of industries stand to benefit from this service including critical industries like healthcare, banking, telecom as well as mid-size companies.

One of the major concerns many small and midsize companies had about the service is the price. Well it may seem too good to be true but the service is intended to be affordable for just about any business with a convenient monthly subscription. Oracle is making the effort to present a service that can be used by everyone that needs Cloud service in their business.

Some IT reviews are describing the Exadata service from Oracle as being the highest performing platform available for running Oracle database and it is cost effective as well.

An intent examination of this service from Oracle will reveal that it is instantly scalable, has low opex and nocapex as well as rapid timeto-value.

It is impossible for Oracle to ignore the premise customers even if the Company is endeavoring to focus more on Cloud service provision. Premise customers make up a significant number of its clientele.

With recent financial figures indicating a decline in revenue from premise software, this innovation is timely and may be what the company needs to get back to profits from this demographic. Experts say it is addressing a problem and bridging a gap so that will make customers demand for it.

Tim Shelter, one of the leaders of the Product Management, says Oracle added 3D NAND technology from Samsung which adds a bout of advanced performance to the product. “With 3D NAND technology, we will be able to increase capacity using higher density that will improve the tiering” Shelter said. He adds that compression will be done in the storage tier.

This service from Oracle will change the way customers look at storage. It is going to allay fears of customers who really want storage service but have been worried about security as well as costs involved and the entire setup process.

This is definitely not the last innovation we will be seeing from Oracle. The news that oracle returns with premise for Exadata as a service is just the beginning of innovation from the company. Industry insiders say a hybrid system of this is already in the works and may be out this year as well.

Optimizing Your Investments through Managed Services

Managed services are increasingly becoming a major option by organization that wish to handle their technology needs instead of settling for the solution of shared infrastructure. The managed upgrades will provide a mechanism that enables the treasurers in keeping up with the evolving and ever-changing technology environment. It can be very tedious and costly to manage treasury, credits, collections or payments. A managed IT edmonton upgrade service will enable your organization diminish these burdens.

manage service

Managed services enable an organization to outsource their day to day management responsibilities as far as technology is concerned. This method is very strategic in improving operations and accelerating the returns of your technology investments. Any IT organization is faced daily by the need for efficiency while at the same time keeping the costs incurred at a minimum. Managed service providers will provide your firm with tailored services aimed at freeing up your resources and consequently potentially cutting on costs. Firms that utilize the services of MSPs stand to gain since they are able to capitalize on knowledge that has been gained in areas of cybersecurity, monitoring and remediation, legal software consulting, application development and centralized services and automation. This is due to the fact that MSPs usually offer their services and support in many different environments.

Putting aside the differences in tech concerns and offerings in various firms, all firms stand to benefit from managed services in various ways including:

Managed services provides for a better and centralized management

A firm should be in a position to understand if a given issue is within or out of their expertise. This helps to save on valuable time and effort. Managed service providers are well positioned to manage application patching and other critical updates. Being informed about the tools likely to be affected by these patches enables the MSP to patch without the user and applications being affected in any way. This will reduce any possible disruption and at the same time ensure maximum security.

A reduction in the number of providers

Many firms are usually faced by the struggle of being able to price thjeir service providers accurately. Having a different service provider for each task makes it hard to determine the provider that offers the best value for money and the one that does not. Having a managed service provider enables a firm to reduce the number of service providers required. This also greatly increases their buying power.

Reducing the cost of labor while maximized on the outcome

Issues of IT usually are a drawback for any organization. Having an MSP handle your ‘low priority’ management issues will keep you better positioned to handle issues of bigger importance. This controls the costs of labor as you will not have to send your work to external firms for completion.

It offers a better and more consistent risk management plan

Having an MSP reduces the risk of having your business documents getting into many hands. The provider stands to create templates and provision libraries. At the same time, they use a drafting process that is streamlined. Your documents are therefore bound to remain safe and consistent over time. You may also benefit from cybersecurity plans implemented by your provider.

Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses Malpractice


Considering that medical malpractice is much more common than most of us realize, it is surprising that it has not received the attention it deserves.  There are funding and various research initiatives to find cures for cancer, aids, heart disease, malaria and many other diseases.  But there have been no news about research to prevent various forms of medical negligence; this is despite the fact that medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the US – it is that common.

Even if there are many thriving Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyer offices, there are still many medical malpractice and negligence cases that victims choose not to pursue.  Victims erroneously think they don’t have the resources to finance a lawsuit, think that filing malpractice suits will make medical care more expensive, or are hesitant to incur the ire of their doctor.  Philadelphia PA medical malpractice lawyer knows this kind of thinking indicates most people do not truly understand medical malpractice; and this should cause concern for members of the American Bar Association.

Let us try to address a few concerns about medical malpractice:

What is medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice is when a medical professional commits an error which causes injury or damage to the patient.  The error may be an act, a failure to act which may also be a deviation from accepted norms of treatment.

Is it easy to prove malpractice?

No, that is why you need the services of a good malpractice lawyer.  The doctor-patient relationship must be proven.  It should be proven that the doctor committed an error in providing medical care to the victim.  It must be proven that the victim suffered injury.  And lastly, it must be proven that the error committed by the doctor caused the victim injury or damage.  Documentary evidence and sometimes the assistance of expert witnesses are utilized to successfully prosecute a malpractice case.

How much does it cost the victim to pursue a medical malpractice case?

It does not cost the victim anything in most cases.  People should only deal with a Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney who will work on contingent basis (he gets paid only if he wins the case), and who agrees to advance the total cost of the case.   Lawyers will only accept cases they are confident they can win.  If no lawyer accepts the case on contingent basis, back off: it usually means you don’t have a good chance of winning in court anyway.

I may not be able to go back to my doctor for treatment if I file a malpractice case against him.  Why should I?

The better question would be ‘Why would you want to continue seeing a negligent doctor for treatment?’  While it is true that trust between doctor and patient is built over time, when that trust is violated, it is time to re-assess.  All cases of malpractice should be pursued with the help of Philadelphia PA medical malpractice attorneys if only to encourage physicians to exercise more caution when providing treatments.

Malpractice Attorney In Philadelphia – Provides Value For Money

philadelphia pa medical malpractice attorneysThey say a good lawyer is worth much more than his weight in gold.  That statement cannot be truer in the case of Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer. They are an intrepid lot who normally choose the battles (malpractice lawsuits) they fight, but do not retreat once the battle has started.  And they earn their keep – and don’t get paid if they don’t win.  It is the best way to encourage a lawyer to give their best efforts to win.

Most people have this false impression that Philadelphia PA medical malpractice lawyer  makes easy money.  This is especially true whenever we read of medical malpractice cases that lead to compensation valued in the tens or even hundred millions.  Many people do not realize the time, money and effort that have been invested to obtain that win.  That is even without having to mention that the lawyers have gambled their investment towards winning the case in payment they may only collect on contingent basis.  Unlike other members of the American Bar Association, even the philadelphia medical malpractice attorney only earns if he wins.

It takes a lot of nerve to work sometimes hundreds of hours without clear assurance the lawyer will get remuneration for it.  It takes courage and supreme confidence in one’s legal skills and the merits of the case to advance money to be used to further malpractice suits that may take months or years to resolve.  And even if they win, they need to be awarded enough money to cover their expenses – which again is not assured.

Just assessing whether the complaint has the potential to win a favourable decision is already full of complications.  Not only does the malpractice attorney Philadelphia have to study the details of the case, he has to ensure that the aggrieved party, his prospective client, will be perceived as credible.  He has to get a background and track record check done on the medical professional to see if there is anything that might strengthen the complaint.

The services provided by Philadelphia PA medical malpractice attorneys in are good value for money.  You just have to find a way to convince them your complaint merits their valuable time.